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Free local delivery on orders $30 and more - city of Thunder Bay only (FW-PA) Winter delivery times are 1-3 business days 


Groovy Organix was created in the quest to find a healthier version of body care products. After some serious health scares I had to make big lifestyle changes.  This started my path to using as many organic products that i could find.  I noticed that all the nice smelling and pretty soap in stores were full of harsh chemicals, some of them carcinogenic and i wanted something better for my health. I then decided to make my own, using organic, vegan and sustainable fair trade products. It started out as a personal quest and ended up a business that I love.

At Groovy Organix we also sell wholesale. Private labeling  is available using your logo as well as custom stamping for the soap.

Perfect for your retail store, spa, salon, airbnb, boutique hotels and much more. We can pretty much create something for anyone. 

For any questions or inquiries please contact us.

All my soap is handmade in small batches to ensure quality. Colours may vary as i like to change the look of my soap from time to time.






Production Team

Daisy & Rocky

My furry little helpers.  Ok they really aren't much help but they do brighten my days and are always eager to be with me while i'm working away.  

Lorna Grace

Owner-Creator - servant to my furry production team.



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